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The Art of Crafting Your Signet Ring with Wildsmith Jewellery

At Wildsmith Jewellery, we believe that a signet ring is not just a piece of jewellery; it's a mark of personal identity and heritage. Crafting your own signet ring is a journey of selections and decisions that make the final piece unique to you. Here’s how to ensure the creation of your signet ring is seamless and meaningful.


Head Size

The head of the signet ring is its defining feature, so selecting the right size for the finger you intend to wear it on is crucial. Signet rings are typically worn on the pinky or ring finger of the least dominant hand. However, we encourage clients to choose the finger that feels right for them. A well-proportioned head size relative to your finger ensures the ring enhances your hand without overwhelming it. Choosing a head too large or too small can result in a ring that looks out of place or is uncomfortable to wear.

Choosing the Right Metal

Historically, signet rings were crafted in yellow gold, symbolizing strength and continuity. While tradition is significant, personal preference and lifestyle should guide your choice. Apart from yellow gold, you have options like white gold, rose gold, platinum, and silver. However, we advise against choosing silver for your signet ring due to its lack of strength, which is essential for a piece meant to last generations.

When it comes to gold, you can choose between 9ct and 18ct. The advantage of 9ct gold is its durability and affordability compared to 18ct gold. Although 18ct gold offers a richer hue, 9ct gold is a practical choice for those looking for a hard-wearing and less expensive option.

Finger Sizing

A common mistake in the selection of a signet ring is overlooking proper finger sizing. An improperly sized ring can detract from the wearing experience, either by being too tight and causing discomfort or too loose and risking loss. It is crucial to have your finger professionally measured at Wildsmith Jewellery to ensure your signet ring fits perfectly, allowing for seasonal finger size fluctuations while still feeling comfortable and secure.



The soul of your signet ring lies in its engraving. Engraving options include your initials, family crest, or a symbol that represents something personal. There are two main types of engraving: surface engraving and seal engraving. Surface engraving adds a beautiful, visible decoration to your ring, while seal engraving is deeper and can be used as a wax seal. The choice depends on whether you view the ring as a functional tool or a piece of personal expression.

The engraving you choose should resonate with your personal story or symbolism. A mistake people often make is selecting an engraving design based solely on aesthetics without considering its significance. At Wildsmith Jewellery, we encourage you to choose a design that truly represents who you are.


Crafting your signet ring at Wildsmith Jewellery is more than a purchase; it's an experience. By paying close attention to head size, metal choice, finger sizing, and engraving, your signet ring will be a cherished emblem of your personal narrative for generations to come.

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